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Jace Hall has made a lot of us nostalgic for the games of yesteryear. There’s an entire generation of people out there that know what a Nintendo64, Dreamcast and what Pocket Gaming is. Then there’s that same generation plus one that remembers Playstation one and Amiga, might even still have one and the days of modding for Planet Tetrinet – Quake 2, building a Quake 3 map and spending all day in a Quake 3 Arena.

Id Software is still one of the greatest games developers of all time and this was
in part because of how they brought their fans into the development by
listening to suggestions, by opening up their code for mods and from it,
some of the best game designers are out there because of it.

I remember playing mods for Quake 2 that were just amazing, like Gambling
for Quake 2 and then there was the Poker Mod for Quake 2 also. Even though
being in the Quake 3 Arena was always a gamble with bandwidth issues (some
folks were still on dial-up back then) it was always a blast.

Now Pocket gaming casinos were fun, but they were always kind of annoying
with that terrible music they had. I preferred my pretend gambling on the
Playstation when WSOP released their games. I also remember a fun little
casino game for the Nintendo64 but I ended up figuring out a code to get
millions of dollars to gamble with. I remember that it had something to do
with selecting poker and then putting in the code A B B A B B B A. It kind
of took the fun out of the game though.

Anyway, if you have any interesting stories or comments about your days
playing Amiga, Nintendo64, Playstation, Dreamcast, Pocket Gaming, Quake 2 or
Quake 3 Arena, then tell us all about it. We would love to hear how gaming
affected your development as an adult, as a kid, etc. We will feature some
of the best stories about gaming right here so make sure to use excellent

The next story we will write about, will be about the new 3D games. Some of
the best 3D games has to be the new slot machines, these new games use the newest 3D, and they are simply some of the best 3D design we have seen.


Other Games that People Play

In Canada, online casinos have popped up everywhere on the internet. It may be a bit confusing at first to figure out all the terminology and how everything works. Have no fear, this guide will help you find a great fit for your online gaming pleasure! The best casinos will be highlighted and details regarding those casinos as well. Not only will game options be covered, but the financial aspects, customer service, licensing and reputation of the casino will be thoroughly discussed also.

The number one choice for best online casinos is Jackpot City. Being the oldest casino in the lineup, Jackpot City has been around since 1998. Microgaming software is known for its world famous slots and table games and jackpot city carries them all. With one of the quickest payout speeds around, you’ll love their highest jackpot of over five million. Jackpot City also offers an amazingly large amount of games at 630 and counting.

Jackpot City offers many payout options including e-wallets which offer the best processing times. There are also many more e-wallet options than at other online casinos, giving players more options to pay and collect their winnings quickly. Cheques are an option at this casino however, the processing times can take up to 3 weeks making this the slowest option. Direct bank transfers through ACH are also available for your convenience as are credit card payments processed through the casino itself.

The slot choices at Jackpot City are amazing. You’ll be amazed by the rich graphics and vivid colors. There are not only progressive slots, but any other type you can imagine. You can play a live game of over seven different types of blackjack and even enjoy progressive roulette. Video poker is another favorite among Canadians and you’ll find many options available at Jackpot City. With mobile options available you can enjoy these games no matter where you are for the ultimate in fun and convenience.

Jackpot City ensures player’s information is kept safe and secure through SSL encryption. eCogra, a trusted auditor of Canadian online casinos instills both credibility and confidence that you’re gaming is fair and you’ll rest assured knowing this is a well-established casino. Customer service is always available and Jackpot City can be reached by chat, email or telephone.

Canadians love Jackpot City for a multitude of reasons. Not only does the casino offer more payment methods than most, it has some of the quickest turnaround times as well. You can count on Jackpot City to have the best games and the confidence of knowing you’re dealing with one of the most well-established online casinos in the business. If comfort and convenience are important factors, you’ll love Jackpot City! The welcome bonus of $1,600 might get you excited as well.

Ruby Fortune is second on the list of top online Canadian casinos. Being a long-time player in the game since 2003, they’ve consistently been winning awards such as “Casino of the Year” ever since. Being on the Microgaming software platform instills confidence that you’ll be playing the most up-to-date and technologically advanced games around. Fast payouts and a handsome welcome bonus of 750 Canadian will have you feeling like royalty.

Ruby Fortune offers an exceptional amount of methods to deposit and withdraw funds. E-checks are a unique option for deposits and e-wallets, as usual, are the fastest and preferred method for players wanting versatility and easy accounting of their winnings and deposits. Credit cards are another great option and have an average turnaround time of 2-5 days. Bank transfers are the slowest method with a time frame of 3-7 days. Pending time can be up to 96 hours, however, Ruby Fortune is known for having relatively quick processing times. A noteworthy statistic is that their payout rate is higher than average currently sitting at over 97 percent.

Ruby Fortune offers many table games in 3D and over 300 slots to choose from. The graphics will have you thinking you’ve stepped into another dimension right in the comfort of your own home. Mobile applications and downloads also boost the convenience factor, so you can play even when running errands! This website also allows you to play for free so you can get acclimated before committing to a game. With all your favorite slots and table games at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong!

This casino takes protecting Canadian customers seriously. Audited by eCogra, the most trusted name in casino accounting, you’ll be happy knowing your game playing is fair and honest. Ruby Fortune also offers guests a loyalty program that can speed the process of getting paid and bonus play considerable, depending on the status level. The casino is also verified to be safe and verified by a number of third party reviewers. You’ll feel great knowing that if you ever need help, you can contact Ruby Fortune any time of day or night via telephone, e-mail or live chat.

Ruby Fortune is a great choice for those seeing a well-known casino and versatility. There are many options available for gaming and payouts. The loyalty program and bonus offers are generous and have terms that are a bit more flexible and realistic than many other competitors. It’s easy to see why so many Canadians make Ruby Fortune their online casino of choice!

Spin Palace is the next up on the most popular casinos for Canadian gaming enthusiasts. Owned and operated by The Palace Group Casinos and operating on Microgaming software this casino has been around since 2001. This casino offers many deposit and withdrawal options including cheques and e-checks. There is never a need to convert currency, as you can deposit directly in Canadian money, saving you on any currency changing fees. Offering players multiple options and having some of the best gaming around and a healthy 1,000 Canadian welcome bonus make players feel right at home!

Spin Palace offers about average payout times for about 2-3 days and deposit and withdrawal options. E-checks are an option with this casino. The quickest method is using an e-wallet and the slowest method is a bank transfer. Credit cards are also a popular option for Canadian players with the average processing time from 3-7 days. Cheques are also accepted, however, the processing time can be up to three weeks. Withdrawal limits are imposed at this casino, so be certain to check the terms at signup.

Now in 2021 we are seeing 3D free casino games, with virtual dealers, and there has really been a huge development in the online casino gaming software.

Customer service is offered any time you need it, and this company makes it their priority to treat you like a V.I.P.! Audited by eCogra and owned by The Palace Group, this casino has the reputation and longevity to be a trusted contender in the huge world of online gaming entities.

Even the pickiest of players will find something they enjoy at Spin Palace. From the most popular slots with progressive jackpots to all kinds of blackjack, roulette and even live games, there’s something for everyone. Video poker fans will have seemingly endless options here as well. This online casino has over 650 options for your convenience. Not only does Spin Palace love you playing, they love seeing you win as well with over $5 Million paid out daily and a higher than average payout rate of over 97 percent! See for yourself why so many folks love Spin Palace!

Another great choice for Canadian gamers is Betway Casino. This entity has been in business for over 12 years making it one of the most reputable and respected industry leaders. Microgaming software technology is just one of the few advantages under its belt. Giving you the fastest payout time possible with an average of just under 2 days, you’ll get paid quickly with Betway! Not only will you love this casino for its great and flexible terms, but you’ll certainly feel welcomed with a bonus of up to 500 Canadian!

Betway makes deposits and withdrawals easy by offering so many e-wallet options. You will most likely be ready to play right away with this amazing versatility. The payout and pending times are among the shortest in the industry being on average just under two days for each, meaning you’ll get your winnings quickly! You can deposit directly in Canadian money so you won’t have to be concerned with paying for any conversion fees and there are no current limits on withdrawal amounts so you can take as much or as little as you’d like.

Virtual Games

Known for its amazingly realistic virtual games, Betway offers Canadians the best options around. Progressive slots are the main draw, however, Betway has more live games of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette than imaginable. Mac users also love Betway as they can play with ease on the flash player version. No matter what type of game you love, you’ll be likely to find it right here at Betway!

Betway also keeps Canadians safe with its SSL encrypted information exchange. This technology masks information so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Routine auditing by industry expert eCogra means you can be assured you’re receiving fair play and a great shot at winning. Live chat and e-mail support at all times of day or night mean you’ll get the best service possible even as a night owl!

Betway is a great choice for Canadian players for many reasons. From the convenience of mobile play and Apple product compatibility to the versatility of payment options and limitless choices, you’ll be happy knowing there’s a place for you! Experience for yourself why so many Canadians have loved this online casino since 2005.

Last but certainly not least on the list of top Canadian online casinos is Royal Panda. This newcomer of two years is making great strides in becoming an industry and player favorite! One of the best things Royal Panda has to offer is that it operates across many different software platforms, meaning you have access to far more options. Royal Panda is also pleasing Canadians by having one of the fastest payout times around and customer service responsiveness is measured in hours, not days like most others.

The website also offers a welcome bonus to new players, however, it is much smaller than most other sites. The rationale for the subtle differences with Royal Panda is that it wants to skip past the hyped up promotions and stipulations that players tend to get frustrated with and create a fresh new image for online gaming. This scheme seems to be working out quite well for them as Canadians consider this among the best around.

Royal Panda offers many options for deposits, especially in the digital wallet arena. Withdrawals are quick, however, the methods of withdrawal are limited but still the most popular options available for bank transfers, Neteller and MasterCard to name a few. Withdrawal limits are imposed, so it’s important to check this information when you get started.

Progressive slots with huge jackpots are the biggest draw to Royal Panda. Mega Moolah is, of course, a fan favorite at Royal Panda. Video poker is another area this casino does well with anything imaginable available on demand. Table games are plentiful including Vegas and Atlantic City style games, you’ll be sure to find something here!

Another benefit Royal Panda offers is that it’s routinely audited by multiple independent agencies and holds many licenses in addition to the standard single licensing found at most online sites. The security of your information is superior with not only 256-bit encryption, they also guarantee not to sell or share your private information. The response time and live interaction with customer support are refreshing. This casino really takes security and customer service seriously, and that’s a benefit worth its weight in gold!

Royal Panda is a serious contender in the ring. Its dedication to providing its customers with the things it cares about most is what makes this place so great. You’ll most likely see this panda grow over the years and the royalty will certainly bloom as well. The track record, versatility, and convenience of Royal Panda makes it among the top choices for Canadians!

As you can see, when choosing an online casino there are many factors for Canadian players to consider before making a commitment. Among the top concerns for most are the safety and security of their private information. This information should be available for your inspection on any gaming website you choose, as well as their auditing processes. The next step is to make sure you understand how the games work and the amounts they pay for winning. Wagering is also important to understand. While many online games will offer the “max bet” option, others will offer schemes that will increase or decrease depending on your wins or losses. If there’s an option available for free play, it’s a good time to become familiar with the workings of the game. Real money play is just that and should be treated as such.

All legitimate gaming websites should also have information available about responsible gaming, including contact information. Becoming familiar with how to contact the website and taking screenshots of any (larger) wins is also good practice and recommended. Should you win a jackpot or take a large withdrawal, understand that this information will most likely be subjected to independent review and will occasionally add additional processing time.

Deciding which casino to choose should be determined by the factors introduced in this article, depending on which are most important to you. If being able to have quick access to your winnings or cashing out is important then seek out a casino with the fastest payout and withdrawal times. If you are seeking to win the highest jackpots possible, look for progressive games where the jackpot amounts increase over time. If you’d like to use multiple websites, a casino that offers the most common e-wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are good choices. Currency types should also be taken into consideration and if there is a need to have it converted a credit card may be the fastest and cheapest option. If you like a wide variety of games, a casino that offers many different types of games across different software platforms will be most suitable.

No matter which online casino you choose, you’ll be sure to have fun and be thoroughly entertained! While this guide is designed to help you make an informed decision, nothing can substitute actual experience. With online casinos being so competitive these days, it’s a great time to check things out. Not only will they be offering you the best welcome bonuses, but many will also offer bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, scatters and every other prize imaginable! If you’re busy not to worry, most online casinos will support your mobile phone or tablet so you’re able to play on the go. With so many options available you really can’t go wrong. If you happen to work online or have a blog you can even partner with many of these casinos as an affiliate to earn extra cash! See what so many Canadians are buzzing about and join in on the fun today!

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