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Jace Hall has made a lot of us nostalgic for the games of yesteryear. There’s an entire generation of people out there that know what a Nintendo64, Dreamcast and what Pocket Gaming is. Then there’s that same generation plus one that remembers Playstation one and Amiga, might even still have one and the days of modding for Planet Tetrinet – Quake 2, building a Quake 3 map and spending all day in a Quake 3 Arena.


Id Software is still one of the greatest developers of all time and this was in part because of how they brought their fans into the development by listening to suggestions, by opening up their code for mods and from it, some of the best game designers are out there because of it.

I remember playing mods for Quake 2 that were just amazing, like Gambling for Quake 2 and then there was the Poker Mod for Quake 2 also. Even though being in the Quake 3 Arena was always a gamble with bandwidth issues (some folks were still on dial up back then) it was always a blast.

Now Pocket gaming casinos were fun, but they were always kind of annoying with that terrible music they had. I preferred my pretend gambling on the Playstation when WSOP released their games. I also remember a fun little casino game for the Nintendo64 but I ended up figuring out a code to get millions of dollars to gamble with. I remember that it had something to do with selecting poker and then putting in the code A B B A B B B A. It kind of took the fun out of the game though.

Now in 2011 we are seeing 3D free casino games, with virtual dealers, and there has really been a huge development in the online casinos gaming software.

Anyway, if you have any interesting stories or comments about your days playing Amiga, Nintendo64, Playstation, Dreamcast, Pocket Gaming, Quake 2 or Quake 3 Arena, then tell us all about it. We would love to hear how gaming affected your development as an adult, as a kid, etc. We will feature some of the best stories about gaming right here so make sure to use excellent grammar!

The next story we will write about, will be about the new 3D games. Some of the best 3D games has to be the new slot machines, these new games use the newest 3D, and they are simply some of the best 3D design we have seen.

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