Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos

About Gaming Videos and Game  Reviews

Gaming videos are making a big showing on YouTube.

Since the release of the first Modern Warfare, gaming videos have been turning up in the hundreds. There are gaming videos for every genre of game including casinos games and online casinos.

I would also have liked to add some info about the old game RetroFX, but was not able to find any RetroFX video.

Videos Made About Games

Some gaming videos are for role playing games while others are for first person shooters. Another favorite type of game that gets a lot of videos is car racing games. Gaming videos can be anything from a simple instructional for the video game and then others are recordings of events in the video game or special achievements. Some gaming videos are also made to brag about high scores or unlocked achievements.

When Quake first came out, videos were made right from inside the game. A lot of these videos appeared on the internet so others could learn special tricks using rocket launchers. Then it evolved, and gamers started making entire movies using the characters and video software built into the game. Screenshot type movies are not as common anymore, except in games like World of Warcraft.

boy-using-computer-home-playing-game-teenager-headphones-play-his-child-room-52492748Often, sites that provide review services for gaming will include gaming videos. But recently, a lot of review sites are moving towards streaming services like Twitch which provides a free hosting service thus, cutting costs for hosting a review website.

One of the most popular games appearing on Twitch is League of Legends with thousands of Twitch users dedicating their stream to this game.

Another popular series of games appearing on Twitch are the Call of Duty games which also includes the Black Ops series.

One genre of game that is finding a following for videos are the best online casinos where players show free gameplay, strategies and offer tips when playing.  Here are some services that offer streaming and gaming review:

Game Features

Videos are also very useful in demonstrating features of games. Some examples would be videos for online casinos like this Golden Riviera Casino that show the speed of the featured software or the types of games that the online casino has.

Gambling videos like these also show up on YouTube to show major wins that players have made. That could include a massive jackpot or even a royal flush. These serve as a record for all to see on the internet. Favorite games that show up on youtube are also fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, which both have colossal followings and online communities.